Verify or Update Contact Information Page

If you received a detailed notice in the mail or by e-mail and your claim number (“Claim #”) begins with number “1,” you are a Direct-Payment Settlement Class Member. Please enter the claim number in the space provided below and click the “Continue” button. Your personalized contact information will appear on the next page and you will be able to make changes or updates.

If your claim number begins with a number other than "1," or if you do not have a claim number, you must submit a valid, timely Claim Form by clicking here. Once you have submitted your Claim Form, if you need to update your address because you have moved, you will need to notify the Settlement Administrator by calling 1-855-282-8115.

NOTE: Do not use your browser's BACK button or leave the page. If you leave this page without clicking the buttons below the form, all information you may have entered or updated will be lost.

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