Welcome to the James Jenkins, et al., v. Equifax Information Services LLC website

Civil Action No. 3:15-cv-00443-MHL

A federal court authorized this Notice. It is not a solicitation from a lawyer.

James Jenkins and eight other consumers (“Plaintiffs”) have sued Equifax Information Services, LLC (the “Defendant” or “Equifax”) alleging that it violated a federal law, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (the “FCRA”), by providing consumer credit disclosures that did not identify its public records vendor(s) as the “source” of public record information (such as judgments, bankruptcies, and liens).

Defendant denies the allegations and contends that it acted lawfully and in compliance with the FCRA at all times. The Court has not yet ruled in favor of either side. Nevertheless, the parties have reached a settlement that affects your legal rights.

A settlement has been proposed on behalf of consumers in the United States who, from July 28, 2013 until April 14, 2016 received a consumer disclosure from Equifax containing a public record (the “Class”).

You have received this notice because records indicate that you may be a member of the Class.

Your legal rights will be affected by the settlement of this lawsuit. Please read this notice carefully. It explains the lawsuit, the settlement, and your legal rights, including excluding yourself from the settlement, or objecting to the settlement.

IF YOU DO NOTHING If the Court approves the settlement and you do nothing (and if Equifax has or you provide your email address), you will receive by email an activation code that you can use for eighteen months of free credit monitoring service (EQUIFAX CREDIT WATCH GOLD WITH SCORES). If you are already enrolled in this credit monitoring service, you may extend your subscription by eighteen months. You will not be able to sue Equifax on a class or aggregate basis related to the failure to list the public records vendor in consumer credit file disclosures. The settlement does not affect any individual claim you may personally have. Equifax will substantially change the manner in which it reports public records in the credit file disclosures of all consumers.
IF YOU EXCLUDE YOURSELF FROM THE SETTLEMENT You can exclude yourself from the settlement completely (“opt out”). You can opt out of the settlement altogether. You must submit the form by September 28, 2016. You will not receive the credit monitoring service. You will not have any right to object, but you also will not be bound by the terms of this settlement. You will also have the right to sue Equifax relating to the failure to list the public records vendor in consumer credit file disclosures.